[MAX] BustySeaWitch Alien Impregnation Egg Laying - 917.79 MB

[MAX] BustySeaWitch Alien Impregnation Egg Laying - 917.79 MB

Alien Impregnation Egg Laying - ManyVids

I was relaxing in my room when I start to notice a weird noise. It gets louder and louder until a bright light blinds me. The next thing I know, I'm bound to a bed in a strangely clean room that's covered in blinking lights. I panic and tug at the restraints, but it's no use. A terrifying creature with no clothing approaches me, his huge alien cock twitching at the sight of my naked body. He slides himself deep inside of my vulnerable pussy and fucks me mercilessly, my fear soon mixing with to immense pleasure, until he buries his load deep in my womb and leaves me to pass out from orgasm. I wake up in my own bed the next day, assuming the event was some terrible dream until a few weeks later... My stomach has doubled in size, my breasts are swollen, and my hunger is endless. My water breaks and that's when it starts... I begin to lay his alien eggs! They just keep coming and I don't want it to end, I become obsessed with the feeling and laugh with pleasure. I want to lay more eggs! /// [Tags: redhead, big boobs, huge boobs, big tits, huge tits, halloween, alien, cinema, music, spaceship, breeding, bred, impreg, impregnate, impregnated, fat, thick, curvy, chubby, flabby, loose skin, fat tits, hanging tits, droopy tits, sexy, pale, blue eyes, grandma tits, strapped, tied, tie, bondage, cum in pussy, creampie, cream pie, big dildo, huge dildo, big cock, huge cock, monster cock, alien cock, alien impregnation, alien sex, alien reproduction, eggs, egg, laying eggs, alien eggs, slime, slimey, slime cum, piercings, pierced, nipple piercings, fear, scared, scary, sound effects, facial piercings, tattoo, tattoos, curly hair, red hair, redhead, red head, bright lights, series, news, laughing, cum, orgasm, moaning, moans, tears, cry, crying, enjoying, enjoyment, crazy, pregnant, big belly, huge belly, fat belly, pee, peeing self, water breaking, over eating, fattening, over eat, pregnancy eating, robe, giving birth, birth, birthing, panties, ass, booty, thick ass, big ass, oversized shirt, naked, fully nude, fucked, gagged, gag, bound, cum spill, spooky, creepy, freeze frame, freezeframe, goo, gooey, green, neon, fetish, kink, kinky]

MAX-917.79 MB-Alien Impregnation Egg Laying
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