[MAX] BustySeaWitch Oedipus Complex - 3.27 GB

[MAX] BustySeaWitch Oedipus Complex - 3.27 GB

Oedipus Complex - ManyVids

This video is set over a full day in your life, entirely point of view. It includes 5 intimate/sex scenes between you and your mother, portrayed as fantasy dream sequences featuring teasing, twerking, grinding, hand job, ass jobs, tit fuck, blowjob, dick riding, and a creampie.

Your loving mom wears revealing clothing around the house, completely oblivious to how arousing she is. The enticing hold your mother has over you has, unfortunately, begun to disrupt your life. You fantasize about her, day and night. The way her body presses firmly against your own when she hugs you before bed, the kisses she gently places on your cheek to wake you up, and the low-cut shirt exposing her needy breasts only inches away from your face when she does. You can't focus on anything else. You're failing school, and your life is starting to crumble around you, the world becomes overwhelming. Then it happens, your vision blurs and she appears - with her luscious lips, perfect ass, beautiful breasts, and utterly tantalizing body. Mommy is here to make everything better again.

MAX-3.27 GB-Oedipus Complex
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